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"Guarding Your Peace of Mind, Coast to Coast."
                AlfaDefence Security

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

 AlfaDefence Security establishes itself as a beacon of innovation in Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia's security landscape. Our seasoned team, deeply rooted in these regions, is committed to delivering personalized security solutions.


As we expand our footprint across the Atlantic provinces, our goal remains unchanged — redefining and elevating local security standards through expertise and dedication.

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About Us

At AlfaDefence Security, our dedication is anchored in melding innovative approaches with the profound expertise our team brings to the table. Our extensive experience in the security sector establishes us as the reliable guardians of your peace of mind!


With an unwavering commitment to the communities, businesses, and individuals of this region, our goal is to foster a sense of unparalleled security and trust. As we progress, our pledge remains steadfast – to deliver services characterized by integrity, unmatched professionalism.

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Easy Scheduling

Outstanding Quality

At AlfaDefence Security, reliability isn’t just a word – it's a commitment. We ensure that our teams are available whenever you need them, and more importantly, they are punctual.


Because when it comes to safety and security, every moment counts. Trust in our unwavering dedication to being on-time and vigilant, each time, every time.

AlfaDefence Security

Get a Customized Quote Tailored for You

Discover the AlfaDefence Security difference. Whether you're looking for round-the-clock surveillance, specialized security detail, or event-specific protection, our team is here to understand your unique needs. Fill out our simple form below, and we'll provide you with a competitive, bespoke quote that aligns with your security requirements. Let's safeguard your future together.

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